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LYRIC BOOK: The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue

 On these pages are the lyrics to all the songs featured on my CD "The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue".

You can download the whole book as a PDF file (by clicking here) or individual songs by clicking on the relevant page.

I do not yet have full musical scores or tablature for these songs. If you would like guitar chords or any other information about any of the songs, or to purchase the CD please contact me.

You can listen to samples from each of the songs on the album by clicking here.

Track listing on the CD
1.Pretty Polytunnels
2.The Friend
3.Insomniac's Lament
4.The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
5.The Clerical Worker's Song
6.Colours of Barnet Fair
7.Cruising Calypso
8.Philip's Song
9.I have no music
10.Keep the Blues Away
Three Seasons
 11.Prelude in Ice / For the Spring
 12.Dog Daisy Days
 13.Already September
14.O Carol (Let's sing a Door-hymn)


Copyright note
Copyright in all the lyrics on this website is owned by Allan Richardson. The lyrics may be read in public as poetry, and may be sung for amateur or charitable purposes, provided the writer is credited and only the tunes as written and performed by the author are used. For all professional performances, recording and other re-publication express consent from the owner must be sought. Contact me for information.

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