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There are complete lyric books for the seven songs on the CD "Thanks for all the Honey" available here, nine songs on the CD "Flights of Fancy" available here and the 14 songs on the CD "The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue" available here.

On these pages you will find lyrics to songs featured on my other CDs and in my performances. Click on a title to see the lyric for the whole song, and a brief sleeve note about it. The library is not comprehensive - please ask if you are interested in any of my lyrics that are not here. For most songs I can supply chord symbols and hints for guitar accompaniment. Contact me if you would like chords or more information.

List of titles

A Quid's Worth of dreams
A Slight Mud Song
Bluewater Valentines
Cruel Time
Do you know your way
Duty Free
Games in London
Home Sweet Home
I could tell you
Little Baby
March of Time
Moving On
Olympian Girl
On the Walk
One of an Army
Sunrise in Transylvania
Take Away Lover
Thames Getaway Idyll
The Air Shanty
The Lancashire Boxing Day Bear Hunt
The Leather Coat
The Lover's Gift
The Self-Propelled Robber


Copyright note
Copyright in all the lyrics on this website is owned by Allan Richardson. The lyrics may be read in public as poetry, and may be sung for amateur or charitable purposes, provided the writer is credited and only the tunes as written and performed by the author are used. For all professional performances, recording and other re-publication express consent from the owner must be sought. Contact me for information.

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