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Thanks For All The Honey

This is my CD from 2020. The title track is available, with the lyrics, on YouTube. You can view it here.

There are another eight of my songs from various dates on the album, and one cover version of a favourite folk standard.

All the original lyrics are available on the lyric library pages. For more information, or to buy a copy of the CD contact me.

This is not a protest song but an ode to insects. A person weighs about a million times more than an insect. But they make it up in weight of numbers: their global biomass is Seventeen times that of humans.

What do the insects do for us? That huge mass of insects is essential food for other creatures: birds, reptiles, mammals all up the food chain, they pollinate our food, flowers, trees. And lots more. Having helped create life out of the earth, then insects clear up the dead things, returning them to the earth, enriching the soil. Insects literally make the world go round.

We are losing them. Two and a half percent a year doesn't sound much, but we have already lost 25% in thirty years. At this rate, all gone in a century, and us too. We know why. Stripping out their habitats, killing their food plants, land use and agricultural change, pollution and of course, pesticides.

A song won't fix this. Nor charity concerts and donating sites. But we will have to do something.

Other songs on the CD are:

My song is for you: A light-hearted song on a traditional theme linking birdsong and courtship.

Playing the fool: A bluesy guitar instrumental that I have played for many years - now with lyrics.

Billy Boy: Another traditional style song, the first I wrote since making the cittern.

The Battle of the Somme / The Primrose Polka: A pair of tunes played on the guitar in an open G tuning.

Something we know: An original song written for those occasions when all people want is to sing along to something they know.

Moving On: A reprise of this 2009 song giving an account of my life and times.

Existence and all that: A contemporary performance poem on just about everything.

Where ravens feed: Graeme Miles's much loved, restful song, accompanied on the cittern.

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