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The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue


This CD, originally from 2015, features a title song that derives from an old music hall number of 1862. I had to re-write the story, and changed the tune, so little is left of the old song, but the 21st century version has become a bit of a favourite. A little sequel came to me in 2020, and this is now included as a bonus track on new copies of the CD. A lyric book of all the songs on the original album is available on the lyric library pages. If you would like a copy of the CD, or to hear the sequel please e-mail:

1. Pretty Polytunnels (2012)
A song of 21st century England which has echoes of the old Woodie Guthrie song "Pastures of Plenty".
2. The Friend (2015)
Not a true story but a situtation which a lot of people seem to find familiar.
3. Insomniac's Lament (1972)
Another one that rings a bell with some people.
4. The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue (2013)
My "reinvention" of a song of 1862 by George Leybourn and Harry Clifton.
5. The Clerical Worker's Song
A work-song chronicling a familiar but much neglected sphere of late 20th century life.
6. Colours of Barnet Fair
A jig, the title of which was inspired by rhyming slang.
7. Cruising Calypso
A seafaring song for our time.
8. Philip's Song
This first appeared in a satirical revue "Jolly Jubilee Japes" in 2002, but has lived on.
9. I have no music
A response to the commemoration of 100 years of world war in 2014.
10. Keep the Blues Away
This is about using the music to get away from your blues, not to wallow in them.
is a group of songs which I usually sing singly depending on the time of year. On the CD you can listen to them together as a 10 minute suite.
11. Prelude in Ice / For the Spring  
12. Dog Daisy Days  
13. Already September  
14. O Carol (Let's sing a Door-hymn)
A bit of festive fare, but if there's a little food for thought I hope nobody minds.
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