Allan Richardson
lyricist vocalist humorist guitarist
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Just a Taste

2018 edition
This is the current edition of my sample CD. It features all the eight songs from the previous (2014) selection, and includes a new track "Barcelona 2025", a sequel to the song Bluewater Valentines. To order, please e-mail
1. Tamara (2011)
A contemporary observation, even if not a true-life story. The song speaks for itself.
2. The Lover's Gift (2011)
I sometimes have to remind people that my songs are fiction, not personal testimony. This one deals with a common dilemma.
3. The Air Shanty (2008)
A shanty is a work-song, often sung in a port. So what sort of shanty would you hear in an airport?
4. Bluewater Valentines (2006)
A simple seasonal romance set in a huge shopping centre.
5. Sonnet 18 Babe (1609/1963/2004)
Hearing Bob Dylan described as the 20th century Bard, I thought of the Immortal Bard of Avon and this fusion resulted.
6. Games in London (2012)
There are many traditional folk songs telling a little bit of history. This one is my official record of London 2012.
7. Moving On (2009)
This is a sort of history of my lifetime. There isn't room for it to be more than a list.
8. I could tell you (2013)
A little song which is all explanation and so needs none.
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