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Flights of Fancy

This is my CD from 2018 featuring nine original songs. Several of them are also available to view, with the lyrics, on my YouTube channel. The lyrics of all the songs are in the Lyric Library pages of this website. If you would like more information, or to buy a copy of the CD contact me.

All the songs on this album are flights of fancy in one way or another - a thought or a little piece of history takes your fancy, and then eventually it comes out as a song.

  1. Your Blackbird A riddle, though not much of one as the title gives the answer away. The song is sung unaccompanied.
  2. A Quidsworth of Dreams A flight of fancy if ever there was one – what would you do with all that money?

    (To enlarge videos click the small square at the bottom of the video once the video has started playing)

  3. Biscuits arose from a chat with a friend over coffee. It is a true story which becomes a little fanciful in the telling.
  4. Hatfield is a story of flight and change, again true. The third verse comes from the Hatfield School song, written in 1953. Only now do I realise how idealistic it was. Click below for a video with illustrations:

  5. Annie Haywood is not an actual individual but stands for many who brighten people's lives, mundane as they are.

  6. Flights of Fancy I wanted a song for the insects. The butterflies and their fancy names took it over, so the flies wasps and beetles will have to wait for another song. Click below for the video with pictures:

  7. The Milkmaid and the Software Engineer is hard to sing, with tongue firmly in cheek. Old folksong themes revisited.
  8. John Waylett was a travelling engineer and bell founder who made bells at our church in Ash in the year 1717. Three centuries later their music still soars over the sound of Brands Hatch and other Sunday morning noises.
  9. Let the Music take me celebrates being in a crowd, borne away into a reverie by sheer music and the divine playing of it. Click below for the video with pictures:

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